Hi friend, I’m Justine. I started my bookstagram in November and created my blog and twitter, specifically for bookish things, shortly after.

I’m from San Diego, California and moved to Virginia Beach in July 2019. Of course, I still miss the cali burritos and the carne asada fries (who am I kidding? I miss the Mexican food in general), but the trees, the color of fall, and the colder weather has done us some good.

My dog Arnie, is a siberian husky/german shepherd mix. His full name is Arnold Palmer because he’s half & half. He also has his own instagram because I am THAT dog mom.

My love for books started at a young age of 3, when my parents or my nanny would read to me, and I started “reading” the books back to them. They were so surprised. She’s a child genius! Our baby is reading at 3!
They soon realized that I was pointing to the words on the book that I have now memorized, thanks to them reading it to me every night, and only pretending to read. I’ll never live that story down.

My parents instilled reading in me. They bought me Disney books, along with the cassette tape readings of it. Which I now just realized, was my old-school audiobook! Here I was going about my adult life thinking I’ve never listened to audiobooks. They bought me encyclopedias, different versions of dictionaries, gave me money to buy books at the book fair. I became obsessed with reading. I would skip recess or lunch to go to the school library to read and borrow Goosebumps books, I started leaving books in the bathroom for when I went potty, and bringing books to parties. You get the picture.

I have such a love for the world of books that fortunately, carried on to my adult life, and I’m still packing a book in my bag wherever I go, just in case I need it. I read just about anything and I’m always adding more to my tbr pile. If you have recommendations, let me know πŸ™‚

When my nose isn’t stuck in a book, it’s stuck in front of a screen. I play mostly on pc, but have an xbox and a ps4.

Thanks for reading a little bit about me!